Motor-Driven Automation Project Design and Construction for New and Existing Systems

Look to Owensboro Electric Motor for CapEx planning services in Owensboro, KY, Western Kentucky or Southern Indiana

Owensboro Electric Motor is an EASA-certified business providing CapEx Project planning, design, and construction in Owensboro, KY, Western Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Whether you need us to assist with a new agricultural project or support an existing industrial project, we have the experience and qualifications needed to get it done.

Reach out now to arrange for industrial, agricultural or CapEx Project planning services.

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Find out more about our automated system design services

We're proud to be a company that you can rely on for automated system design services in Owensboro, KY, Western Kentucky or Southern Indiana.

We can provide automated system design services for:

  • Cooling towers
  • Process water chillers
  • Pumping systems
  • Independent machinery controls
We can also handle rebuilding, reconditioning and refurbishment projects for crane hoists and trolleys.

Get in touch with us now to speak with a member of our trusted team. We'll be glad to discuss your project solutions in greater detail.